The 4 Main Types of Piracy and How to Prevent Them

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Published: 17th January 2011
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Generally there tend to be a number of various sorts of piracy you need to be aware of. Listed below are four of the most popular ones:

1) User

This kind is when an employee who works for the technology company makes illegal copies of the software without having authorization to do so. These people could easily accomplish this with the use of an installation disc to download the application onto unlicensed Computers, or perhaps producing a further copy of this installation cd. These techniques make it possible for unauthorized employees use the software.

2) Online

This is the most wide-spread kind of piracy. This happens whenever a person downloads software via the web onto a pc via a person who doesn't have permission to distribute it. Often times sites supply this software free, or perhaps for a sharply discounted price. Also, they might require you to contribute a computer program yourself so that you can get access to other illegal software programs. Very often the downloaded program is distributed by a company employee.

3) Hard disk

Computer retailers often place illegal copies of a program onto the system to try and obtain new business. It goes without saying that people are much more willing to pay for a computer with bonus software already installed. This is obviously illegal, due to the fact they did not create the application.

4) Peer to peer

This is just what it sounds like: a copy of software is bought and then distributed at no cost, or for a cheaper price, to others.

The question is how can you prevent piracy?

Now that you are aware of the different kinds of piracy, it is essential to protect against it. There are a range of solutions you can employ .

You could take legal measures against the business or person based on copyright laws, all the same, this could quite possibly finish up being highly expensive and definitely very time consuming. All businessmen would probably prefer to spend time selling and/or marketing their product instead of handling legalities.

That's the reason, preventing piracy from happening in the first place is actually the most beneficial option . Furthermore there are a number of techniques that deliver the results . The use of physical keys or dongles, open source software, or anti-piracy software are all effective methods. An additional tactic could be to watch employee surfing habits. Many of the downloaded software that is available is via company employees.

Tracking employees web activity will probably help reduce unwanted distribution. The associated risk of being dismissed will certainly outweigh any potential advantages the employee will get from distributing the program.

The bottom line: there are various types of software piracy, all the same, luckily there are steps you can take in order to fight it. The use of some type of anti-piracy software might seem expensive, but using some sort of solution will save you a lot of cash in the future.

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