The Simple Remedy for Worms In Cats And Kittens - Profender

Published: 03rd November 2010
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What exactly is different about Profender?

Profender is a spot-on medication for cats and kittens. It gives highly effective control of every kind of intestinal worm usually evident in cats. Profender is unique since it solves the problem of giving painful shots to your cat or attempting to give the cat a pill. One mere, simple spot on application is all it takes. This is fantastic news for cat owners who struggle with giving their cats tablets. Often it becomes a nightmare to try and get your cat to swallow a pill. A healthy cat is an especially good fighter and often cat owners will give up battling with their cat when attempting to force it to swallow tablets.

How do I treat my cat with Profender?

Administering Profender is very simple. You simply drop the spot-on solution onto the back of its neck. One of the other advantages of Profender is that there are a few different size pipettes depending on the cat's size, which makes it possible to administer an painless and accurate application.

How old does my cat need to be in order to treat it with Profender?

Profender is very efficient and exceedingly safe and straightforward to administer. Profender Spot-On can be used for cats weighing more than 0.5 kg and a kitten must be older than 8 weeks old. It is also possible to apply Profender during lactation. A single measure easily removes larval and adult stages of hookworms, ascarids and all tapeworms which often appear in cats and kittens.

How frequently should I apply Profender?

Cats ideally should be wormed every 3 months.

Other essential information relating to Profender

Profender is a veterinary prescription product so you will need a veterinary prescription in order for a pharmacy to dispense this drug. Profender is available at your vet or via trusted online pharmacies.

Like with all medicines, be certain to keep this medicine away from children.

Profender is available from, where one can compare various online pharmacies.

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